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( NFLX ) for online streaming of four of Marvels TV series along with a miniseries. Starting with Daredevil, which is scheduled to premiere at least after a year, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage will follow, with an expectation of enhancing Marvels business. While last year Marvel reacquired Daredevil from Twentieth Century Fox, Jessica Jones was earlier scheduled to be an ABC series. Apart from these four series, the deal with Netflix also includes a miniseries TV event, primarily based on The Defenders to be streamed. Moreover, maintaining its trend in the film business, Marvels TV shows will also work within the same universe. Hence, all the Netflix shows will have interconnections with Agents of SHIELD and The Avengers. Both Disney and Netflix are positive about this partnership, which in turn is dependent upon the audience response to these universal studios orlando packages releases. Though Agents of SHIELD had to struggle its way, as per media reports, Daredevil is likely to be a hit in the world of television as relentless effort is being invested in its making, since it is to set the theme of the Defenders universe. We believe that Disney is likely to gain from this collaboration, given the popularity of both Marvel and Netflixs series.
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Sea Rescue And The Wildlife Docs Are New This Weekend

Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs are new this Weekend
by Staff

Be sure to catch new episodes of the Emmy-nominated Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs this weekend!
On Sea Rescue, a gray seal is tangled up in a fishing net on a remote beach on Long Island, N.Y., but a rescue team from The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation is there to help. Also, volunteers on a routine turtle patrol discover view website a rare leatherback hatchling stuck at the bottom of a nest with a life-threatening fold in its shell.
On The Wildlife Docs, we’ll visit with four members of Busch Gardens’ Animal Ambassador team: a sweet-faced lemur, Harry the two-toed sloth, an echidna and finally Pinky the flamingo. These animals play an important role at the park as they help educate the public about wildlife conservation.
Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs air nationally on ABC on Saturday mornings during “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” and are among the most popular Saturday morning shows.
They are part of the #1 rated block on Saturday mornings and are consistently rated #1 in the top ten U.S. markets including the four largest: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Currently in its third season, Sea Rescue has been seen by more than 120 million viewers.
Time is subject to change so be sure to check your local listings. For more information about Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs visit http://www.seaworldkids.com .
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Five Ways To Have A Disney-inspired Wedding Without Draining Your Wallet – Orlando Weekly Blogs


http://www.jenislosingit.com/ Jen Hey thanks! :o) Esmerelda I love it. Ive always wanted to do a Disney Cruise and thought about the too many kids thing but those are great points! Nice article! http://www.jenislosingit.com/ Jen Same! Like I figured once I had the money to finally do a Disney Cruise it would be when I was a little older and wanted to relax more, hence not be around kids as much. So it was so nice to find out that they have adults-only areas. They also have an Irish pub and a piano bar on board, to learn more which are huge pluses for my fiance.
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Seaworld Taps Coca-cola Breakthrough Plantbottle Technology To Create First Consumer Cup

SeaWorld Taps Coca-Cola Breakthrough Plantbottle Technology to Create First Consumer Cup

by Staff
Being green is oh-so refreshing. That was the message today as SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment debuted the first refillable plastic cup made from plant-based materials. Now available in all SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks across the U.S., the reusable, 100-percent recyclable plastic cup is manufactured using proprietary PlantBottle packaging technology from the company’s beverage partner, Coca-Cola.
“Working together, our two companies are using our resources and reach to inspire people to make a difference,” said SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Corporate Vice President of Culinary Operations Andrew Ngo. “Our friends at The Coca-Cola Company share our commitment to conservation, our passion for the planet, and our innovative approach to consumer experiences. Even more important, this appeals to our guests, who expect and reward recycling and sustainability.”
PlantBottle packaging swaps traditional plastic resins with natural sugars found in plants. Fewer fossil-based ingredients mean a smaller carbon footprint. SeaWorld’s switch to PlantBottle plastic in its refillable cups is expected to remove 35 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually — the equivalent of saving more than 80 barrels of oil a year.
The unique PlantBottle technology is popular packaging for Coca-Cola’s bottled beverages. SeaWorld takes this technology to a new level, creating the first commercially available consumer product: a refillable plastic cup.
Since The Coca-Cola Company introduced PlantBottle technology in 2009 as the first recyclable PET plastic bottle made partially from plants, more than 450,000 barrels of oil have been saved. And, more than 20 billion PlantBottle packages have been distributed in 31 countries worldwide.
“Once we fully realized the power of PlantBottle technology, we knew it had real-world, global applications well beyond our own products,” said Scott Vitters, general manager, PlantBottle packaging platform, The Coca-Cola Company. “This collaboration with SeaWorld demonstrates that PlantBottle technology can be applied anywhere that PET plastic is traditionally used, but with a lighter footprint on the planet.”
Colorful in-park murals and point-of-purchase displays promoting environmental advocacy will help inform park guests of the new product.
SeaWorld eventually plans to use Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle technology in the manufacture of many of its souvenir cups and is actively exploring opportunities for its potential use in the development of other merchandise.
SeaWorld and Coca-Cola have also partnered on two other initiatives that promote conservation and sustainability:
– In 2013 SeaWorld introduced go to website the Cup That Cares– a reusable cup with an embedded RFID chip that interacts with Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers in the theme parks and calculates the amount of carbon guests keep from the environment by refilling their cups.
– All fountain drinks are served in paper cups made from 85 percent renewable resources. This is a sizeable commitment: 14.6 million paper cups are used each year throughout the company’s 11 theme parks.
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Viral Video: Dads Respond To “frozen” – Msnewsnow.com – Jackson, Ms

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No matter how old you are, you’re bound to know at least a couple of Disney songs. Especially, if you are parent of a darling little one who always wants to sing the latest Disney tune in the car. And if you’ve been around at all in the last year, then you know Walt Disney’s “Frozen” took the world by storm. Don’t lie, you know you’ve listened to “Let It Go” all the way through at least once. We’re pretty sure that there’s not a parent in this world who hasn’t experienced the “Frozen” phenomenon. And this duo of dads is no stranger to the mythical land of Arrendale. Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson star in a video (with the help of their cute kids)posted to YouTube about how they feel about the movie “Frozen”. They write that the music video is “two dads’ response to Disney’s “Frozen” and — let’s be honest — every uber-catchy song ever put out by Disney.” The video was posted by DadDudes.com, “a group of dudes and dads that live in Los Angeles, work in the entertainment industry, and amuse ourselves with the craziness and nuance that happens in the lives of parents. We are sure we are not alone and hope you enjoy some of the insanity that is common to parents!” The video was published on June 11 and has garnered over 1 million views. Copyright 2014 MSNewsNow . All rights reserved. Most Popular StoriesMost Read More>>
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Travis Allen, Founder of iSchool Initiative, to Speak at Walt Disney World® Conference on June 25, 2014

He attributes his vision for creating his company in part to the inspiration he received from the informational and motivational materials offered by LIFE Leadership . Allen frequently used technology to take notes, read books, and perform other tasks when he was in high school. However, his school had a zero-tolerance policy for cell phone use, and he was reprimanded for the usage. Troubled by this problem, Allen soon created a YouTube video about one-to-one mobile learning and how it could transform the educational industry. The video soon went viral, and the educational world began to pay attention to Traviss message that technology and education can, in fact, be combined effectively to engender authentic student engagement and increased learning. Through this experience, the idea for iSchool Initiative was born. The foundation for this successful company was built over the next few years, ignited and fueled by LIFE Leaderships products, speeches, and events. Following LIFE Leaderships example, Travis started this link iSchool with a team that gave motivational speeches to build awareness of how technology could be successfully paired with education. These teachings became widespread and sought-after, and the Digital Learning Revolution (DLR) mobile classroom on wheels was born. Today, Allen’s company also offers professional development, consulting, and a mobile toolkit.
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New Epcot Cookbook To Feature All Three Festivals

picccc930221You can’t buy a copy until September, but we wanted to give blog readers a sneak peek at the new Epcot cookbook that debuts just in time for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival (September 19-November 10). Instead of an annual cookbook just for that festival, the new book – even the title is still in the working stages – will feature, for the first time ever, recipes from Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, winter’s Holidays Around the World and the springtime Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival .

Here’s a picture of Disney photographer Matt Stroshane and stylist Laurel Ainley as they shot the new food photos for the book. Long days and lots of prep create pretty dishes we hope will make you hungry.
Coarse salt, freshly ground pepper, to taste
For salmon:
Combine garlic salt, lemon juice, and olive oil in small bowl. Place salmon in large zip-top bag and add liquid, turning fillets to evenly coat.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Remove salmon from refrigerator at least 10 minutes before cooking.
Preheat oven to 400˚ F. Cover 15 x 10-inch baking sheet with aluminum foil and lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray. Place salmon on baking sheet in a single layer, evenly spaced.
Bake 15 minutes or until the salmon easily can be flaked apart with a fork.
For chimichurri sauce:
Place all ingredients in blender or food processor. Blend for see here about 10 seconds on medium speed or until ingredients are evenly blended. Season with salt and pepper. Store in a sealed container and refrigerate until ready to use.
For quinoa salad dressing:
Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.
For quinoa salad:
Mix all ingredients together in large bowl and toss with Quinoa Salad Dressing.
To serve:
Equally divide Quinoa Salad between serving plates, top with salmon fillet and drizzle with Chimichurri Sauce.
Cook’s note: Verlasso salmon is sustainable and farm-raised; you can use any fresh, high-quality salmon in this recipe.
New Epcot Cookbook to Feature All Three Festivals by Pam Brandon: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog
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Showing My Disney Side Using Rapid Printing Technology At D-tech On Demand In Marketplace Co-op

DTECHO374666For the past few months, I’ve been sharing many details about my favorite new shopping destination at Walt Disney World Resort – the Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney Marketplace . Containing six different boutiques, this location serves as our testing space for new products, retail concepts and guest experiences. I think my favorite boutique inside the shop is D-Tech on Demand as it combines rapid printing technology with great artwork to create personalized electronic accessories for guests. I recently spoke with merchandiser Kevin-Michael Lezotte to get the inside scoop on how D-Tech on Demand works.
Currently, we offer cases for the following phones – iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy S4.

I loved watching how quickly cases are printed as the team can print several cases at one time. The printer uses UV ink which dries immediately and requires no cooling time. As soon as my case was finished, I covered my mobile phone.
Kevin-Michael shared that it’s easy to add additional designs to the D-Tech on Demand system. We recently introduced 12 new designs featuring characters from Disney’s “ Frozen. ” Four of those designs are only found at the Marketplace Co-Op as seen in the image above.
Fans of Disney Villains, Donald Duck, Pluto, Figment, or homepage Chip and Dale should look for additional artwork being added to the location later this summer.
I would love to see which case you select. Use #DisneySide if you share an image of your phone case on a social network like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Showing My Disney Side Using Rapid Printing Technology at D-Tech on Demand in Marketplace Co-Op by Steven Miller: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog
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