How To Use Fastpass+ For A Day At Disney World With Friends | Theme Parks – Wesh Home

More FastPass+ is a great service if you havent tried it. Think of it just like normal FastPass, but with a bunch of extra features. Instead of hopping from attraction to attraction to pick up your FastPasses, and then returning later, you can plan your entire day with multiple FastPass+ picks before you even get to the parks. MORE: E verything you need to know about My Magic+ Now that may seem like a great idea for planning a family trip, but what about trying to coordinate a day with friends at the parks, where each person has his or her own My Disney Experience login? I recently gave that a try, and it works great and is super simple. I planned out an afternoon for a friend and me at Disneys Animal Kingdom about 30 minutes before heading out the door. The online system gave me three itinerary choices, of which I chose one for the both of us that included Primeval Whirl, Expedition Everest and Kilimanjara Safaris. There were several timing choices that spread out the FastPass+ attractions throughout the day, I chose the one that matched my anticipated arrival time at the park best. Heres what to do if you want to plan a Disney day with friends: (By the way, you can also do these steps through the My Disney Experience app. The instructions below are for getting setup on your computer.) Step 1: Connect Your Friends With Your My Disney Experience Login Log in to your My Disney Experience account on the Walt Disney World site . Under the My Disney Experience menu in the top right, select My Family and Friends under the My Account header.
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