Sutter: Hey Disney Pixar, Put A Pangolin In A Movie! –

(CNN) — Kit Skogsbergh can see it now. “He would be a sidekick,” she told me. “He would have a soft and soothing voice. … He would kind of be like Piglet in the Pooh movies because he would be a little cautious and scared of things, but once he knew the plan and how things worked he would warm up to it and maybe by the end of the movie he might not have to roll up into a ball (and hide). He’d be able to face things head on.” John D. Sutter The 32-year-old from Pasadena, California, recently filed a petition on asking Disney to make an animated character out of a pangolin, a little-known, scale-covered mammal that’s notoriously shy and, to Kit’s point, can protect itself from pretty much anything in the wild — lions, tigers — by rolling up into a ball. The pangolin is being trafficked toward extinction — sold for its scales, which are used in traditional medicine, and for its meat, which is a delicacy in Vietnam and China.
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