Universal Studios Orlando Fl Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Most Popular Orlando Location

That individual in your family or close circle of good friends who still weeps knowing they didn’t get accepted to Hogwarts: everybody has one. That’s part of what makes the Wizarding World of Harry Potter the most popular tourist attraction in Orlando. Universal Studios launched the strategies years ago, sending out a message to Disney World that they can also have a castle and generate just as many visitors.

At Universal Studios, I make sure you are all conscious that Hogwarts is noticeable at all times, impressive in both size and realism. Hogsmeade teems with stores to purchase outstanding Harry Potter merchandise, identical to those in the movies. There are wands that handpick their new owner, chocolate frogs, school uniforms and more. Even visitors who have never ever read the books tend to discover the area enchanting and amazing.

There is nothing much better for magic fans of any ages than seeing the outstanding power of the Harry Potter saga come to life right prior to their eyes.

Traditional moments come to life on delighting tourist attractions like Dragon Challenge and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey are high-speed adventure trips that take guests right into the books. Inside the Hogwarts Castle, visitors can see moving paintings and props and relics from the real film saga lining the corridors. The sorting hat is even waiting to position students in line.

Guests can look around for Hogwarts school materials from Dervish and Banges and get completely dressed up in Potter attire. Chocolate Frogs and Cauldron Cakes are always offered from Honeydukes and strangeness such as Extendable Ears and Sneakoscopes are readily available for purchase from Zonko’s Joke Shop;.

A magical experience by itself, getting a wand from Ollivanders can be a dream become a reality for diehard fans. This store usually has a line that covers around it, because youngsters and grownups alike have an opportunity to see the space shake, the lights flicker, and a wand boiled down off the rack just for them. Exceptionally, guests can even send letters from the Owl Post complete with actual Hogsmeade postmarks.

Every element of the world has been carefully recreated. What is it precisely that makes the location so popular?


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